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Celebrating 25 Years of Respect, Responsibility, and Results Terrace Community Middle School

Terrace Community Middle School in Tampa, Florida, recently celebrated a significant milestone – 25 years of fostering a culture of respect, responsibility, and achieving outstanding results. The pinnacle of this celebration was the gala event held in 2023, marking a quarter-century of educational excellence.

The apex of this celebration unfolded in 2023, with a gala that not only honored the school’s rich history but also served a vital purpose – raising funds to build a much-needed gym on the newly relocated Patel High School campus.

The evening kicked off with a vibrant cocktail hour, where attendees mingled and shared stories of the school’s growth and impact. A silent auction allowed attendees to support the school in a more discreet manner, ensuring that everyone had an opportunity to contribute to the continued success of Terrace Community Middle School. The atmosphere was electric as participants engaged in friendly competition for coveted items, creating a sense of camaraderie that mirrored the school’s close-knit community.

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This set the tone for the live auction, featuring unique items and experiences that garnered enthusiastic bids, contributing to the school’s fundraising efforts, which surpassed all expectations by raising an impressive sum of over $40,000. The generosity and enthusiasm displayed by attendees showcased a profound commitment to the school's mission. However, as the night unfolded, it became clear that while this significant amount marked a momentous achievement, more funds were still needed. The resounding success of the live auction illuminated the collective determination to support the construction of a new gym on the Patel High School campus, reinforcing that the journey toward creating an even more enriching educational environment continues, with the school relying on the ongoing support of its dedicated community.

The gala’s grand finale was the casino night, offering a thrilling and entertaining way to cap off the celebration. Attendees enjoyed games of chance, fostering a sense of fun and excitement while reinforcing the idea that learning is not only about academics but also about embracing joy and camaraderie.

 Clinton Bernard Photography


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