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Miracle Milk Partnership Form: (i.e.) Fundraiser, Laundry Project,

Long-Term Partnerships, Bulk-Orders, Custom Branded Containers

Thank you for considering a partnership with Menifield's Miracle Milk. This document outlines an exciting opportunity for your organization to raise funds, engage your community, and establish a lasting partnership that aligns with your values.

Miracle Milk Fundraiser:

What is Miracle Milk?

  • Menifield's Miracle Milk is an all-natural powdered laundry detergent crafted from sustainable ingredients.

How Does the Fundraiser Work?

  • Your organization promotes Miracle Milk product & subscriptions to your community.

  • A percentage of each sale goes directly to your fundraising efforts.


  • Raise funds effortlessly.

  • Promote a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

  • Engage your community in a meaningful way.

Laundry Project:

What is the Laundry Project?

  • The Laundry Project is a community initiative that goes beyond laundry—it fosters connections and sustainability.

How Does it Work?

  • Individuals come together to DIY create your own laundry detergent.

  • Educational workshops and activities promote sustainable living.


  • Build a sense of community.

  • Showcase your commitment to sustainability.

Long-Term Partnership:

Why Partner Long-Term?

  • Establish a meaningful connection between your organization and Miracle Milk.

  • Continuously raise funds through developing products.

  • Collaborate on eco-friendly initiatives beyond the Laundry Project.


  • Strengthen your organization's commitment to sustainability.

  • Access ongoing support and resources.

  • Showcase your dedication to positive community impact.

​Bulk Ordering & Custom Containers:

How Does Wholesale Work?

  1. Select MOQ 100, 250, 1000.

  2. Process payment.

  3. Minimum 7-10 week processing, printing, and packaging time.


  • Better purchase value.

  • Opportunity to supply your community.

  • Monetize an already established audience.

Getting Started:

How to Begin:

  1. Express your interest by completing the form below.

  2. Collaborate on a customized plan for your organization.

  3. Launch the Miracle Milk Fundraiser and engage in the Laundry Project.

Contact Information:

For more details or to start your Miracle Milk Fundraiser and Laundry Project, please contact:

Gary Menifield

Visual Marketing Partner


Thank you for considering Menifield's Miracle Milk for your fundraising and community engagement needs. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with your organization for a cleaner, greener future.


Select an item ($)

Thanks for registering! Lot's of opportunity to come.

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