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Experience JingCuration Partnership Portfolio!

Ready to become eligible for JingCuration VMP?


This is your chance to help your project stand out amongst the market and to introduce your creative needs. Book your personal interview today!



We are a Content Production Company focused on maximizing design through personalized, branded, need based experiences. Our goal is to help business owners and influencers reach their audience through visually stunning content. If you have a passion for creative design and are committed to excellence, we want you under our umbrella!

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is designed to identify active businesses and match them with the right opportunity. We review every application carefully and look for businesses & individuals who demonstrate a passion for change, a commitment to excellence, and a strong work ethic. After booking a production service & interacting with JingCuration as a Visual Marketing Partner, you will be deemed conditionally eligible for VMPP.

Portfolio Submissions

If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your portfolio for review. This would include a short introduction of you and your business,  website & social links, previous marketing, design, or PR agencies, and upcoming marketing goals. We are always looking for committed owners & individuals who can help us create visually stunning content that engages and inspires.

Please submit your portfolio to:

Open Interviews

We hold personal interviews every Tuesday and Thursday from 2pm - 5pm. Please text us at 813-453-8821 to schedule an appointment.

Tips for Success

At JingCuration, we believe that creativity thrives in an environment of collaboration and open communication. We encourage our Clients & Visual Directors to bring their unique perspectives to every project, and to work closely together to ensure that your vision is fully realized.


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